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DUI Penalties And Consequences In Kansas

After a DUI arrest, most people are anxious and uncertain about the future. In many cases, both a DUI arrest and especially a conviction will have negative long-term effects. From his office in Overland Park, Kansas, Jerry Merrill represents clients who are concerned about protecting their ability to drive, minimizing fines and fees and reducing jail sentences following a DUI arrest.

Criminal Penalties For DUI

Even a first conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to fines, a maximum of six months in jail and a minimum of 48 hours in jail.

It is important to know that each subsequent DUI arrest and conviction leads to increasingly severe penalties, including:

  • Felony charges
  • Mandatory jail sentences
  • License suspensions and restrictions
  • Steep fines

For many years, Jerry Merrill handled DUI cases in Johnson County as a prosecutor. His extensive experience in this area is key to his track record of successful DUI defense cases.

DMV Hearings And License Defense

One of the most difficult aspects of a DUI stop is how it affects your ability to drive. In Kansas, if you have refused or failed a Breathalyzer test, your license will be revoked. However, you may have the opportunity to challenge a license revocation at an Administrative License Hearing.

Preparing for and defending your rights at the administrative hearing is just as important as your criminal defense. Jerry Merrill has the skills to defend you in both arenas.

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It is best to speak with a lawyer who can address all of the consequences of the DUI stop, arrest and conviction. To schedule a free consultation with DUI attorney Jerry Merrill, email the firm or call 913-815-0705.

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