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Criminal charges can be terrifying and disorienting. You likely have questions about how the process will unfold, what your next steps should be, and what is likely to happen with your case.

Jerry Merrill, a committed criminal defense trial lawyer, has many years of experience preparing Overland Park clients for each stage of their case and walking them through the criminal process. Having conducted numerous criminal jury trials, he aggressively defends the rights of individuals accused of serious crimes who are facing the possibility of jail or prison. In short, Jerry Merrill helps clients navigate the criminal courts successfully.

One of the barriers to a successful criminal defense is time. Jerry Merrill encourages Johnson County residents to retain an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. Complex criminal cases often rely on eyewitness testimony and other sources of evidence. Therefore, it is important that your attorney be brought in as soon as possible to review and investigate all of the evidence needed to defend your position.

Entrust Your Legal Defense To A Skilled Trial Lawyer

Jerry Merrill represents clients facing serious criminal charges throughout Johnson County and the greater Kansas City metro area. With extensive prosecutorial, defense and legal research experience, he is perfectly positioned to provide aggressive criminal defense in cases involving:

Criminal convictions can have far-reaching consequences that could jeopardize your relationships with your family, your job, your reputation and even your freedom. Each criminal charge carries with it the possibility of jail time or imprisonment.

Jerry Merrill tirelessly works to reduce the consequences you face. Depending upon your situation, this may mean negotiating a favorable resolution or it may mean aggressively pursuing a trial. Whichever direction your case ultimately takes, Jerry will ensure that you know what your options are so that you obtain the best possible outcome.

Acting quickly is critical after a felony arrest, a drug charge or a DUI stop. In all of these cases, retaining an attorney will help you ensure the best possible outcome.

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Criminal cases are among the most difficult situations that Johnson County residents will face. Jerry Merrill is a criminal defense attorney with prosecutorial experience. To schedule a free consultation, contact him by email or call 913-815-0705.

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