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Drug Arrests are Often Felony Offenses. Contact a Top Johnson County Drug Crime Attorney to Fight for Your Rights.

Were you accused of a drug-related offense, such as possession or distribution? If so, you may face severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines. A Johnson County drug crime attorney can help you surpass your charges and obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 

Jerry Merrill offers skilled and aggressive legal defense for both adults and juveniles facing drug-related charges. He will investigate the circumstances related to the offense and will fight to protect your rights, whether your case is resolved in or out of court. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation and see how Jerry can assist you. 

Common Types of Drug-Related Offenses

The legalization of drugs in some states in America does not mean the consequences for a drug conviction in Kansas will become less severe. Kansas treats drug violations in a particularly severe fashion with harsh penalties, including imprisonment and fines. A conviction for a drug offense can also cause an individual to lose their job and face hardship obtaining new employment.

If you have been arrested for the possession or distribution of drugs or drug paraphernalia, you need to retain an attorney right away. Criminal defense lawyer Jerry Merrill has extensive experience representing clients in Johnson County and the surrounding areas against serious drug charges. He helps clients dealing with arrests related to the distribution, cultivation, possession, and sale of:

Johnson County Drug Crime Attorney Handling Serious Cases

Drug Distribution and Cultivation

Under Kansas law, the distribution of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs is a serious criminal offense that can be prosecuted as high as a level 1 drug felony depending on the type and amount of the drug involved. Illegally distributing prescription medications can lead to prosecution and severe penalties as well. Due to the potential for illegal drug distribution to cause widespread harm to the residents of Kansas, law enforcement officers and prosecutors often aggressively target individuals suspected of distributing – or playing a role in the distribution of – controlled substances, and avoiding harsh penalties requires representation by an experienced Johnson County drug crime attorney.

The same is true for individuals accused of cultivating marijuana and manufacturing other illegal drugs. For example, cultivating just five marijuana plants is a level 3 drug felony that carries up to 83 months in prison and a fine of $300,000. If you are being charged with cultivating 100 or more marijuana plants, you are facing a level 1 drug felony punishable by up to 204 months in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Drug Possession

Kansas law makes it illegal to possess any controlled substance in the state without a valid prescription. This means that possessing any amount of marijuana or any other street drug has the potential to lead to jail time, fines and other consequences. Minimally, first-time marijuana possession is a class B nonperson misdemeanor (carrying up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine). Possessing larger amounts of marijuana, possessing other illegal drugs and being charged as a repeat offender can lead to penalties that are far more severe.

Drug Sales

The crime of selling an illegal controlled substance differs from the crime of drug distribution in that it requires you to be caught in the act of making a sale. However, prosecutors can also pursue charges based on intent to sell, and this intent can be inferred based on possession of a large amount or quantity of the drug in question (i.e. an amount greater than for personal use). In order to prove a drug sale charge, prosecutors must prove all four elements of the crime:

  • The presence of a buyer and a seller;
  • The presence of an illegal controlled substance;
  • An agreement as to the price to be paid; and,
  • The buyer’s and seller’s consent to complete the transaction. ka

If the prosecution’s evidence of any one (or more) of these elements is inadequate, Johnson County drug crime attorney Jerry Merrill can use this to fight for a dismissal or a “not guilty” verdict at trial.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that can lead to severe consequences. Often prosecuted at the federal level, drug trafficking is a felony-level offense that can carry years or decades of imprisonment depending on the specific allegations involved. If you are being prosecuted for drug trafficking in Kansas, you need an experienced defense lawyer, and we encourage you to contact us for a free case evaluation right away.

Defense Against Serious Drug Charges in Kansas 

There are a number of different factors that the courts will consider in determining a criminal sentence, including:

  • The criminal history of the accused
  • Whether weapons or other aggravating factors were involved
  • The severity level of the criminal violation

As your Johnson County drug crime attorney, Jerry Miller can challenge the prosecution’s assessments about the appropriate sentence. Having worked on both sides of the courtroom, he will leverage his knowledge of Kansas criminal law and his trial skills to provide you with an aggressive defense. His primary objective is to get a “not guilty” verdict or a dismissal. In cases where this is not possible, he works to secure a sentence on the smallest end of the scale.

Even Marijuana Use Can Lead To Felony Convictions

In many states across the United States, possessing small amounts of marijuana is treated lightly. This is not the case in Kansas. In Kansas, even the possession of small amounts of marijuana can lead to a misdemeanor drug charge. A second marijuana possession conviction can be classified as a felony. Because the possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in Kansas is aggressively pursued by prosecutors, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to protect your rights.

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