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Johnson County Criminal Defense Attorney to Help You Fight for Your Rights

 Every day across Kansas, police make arrests and prosecutors charge individuals with crimes that require the help of a skilled Johnson County criminal defense attorney. In 2017 alone, according to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation:

  • Kansas prosecutors brought 92,913 criminal charges.
  • Almost 12,000 of those charges were for violent crimes, including 176 murder charges, over 1,200 rape charges, and approximately 8,600 for assault and battery.
  • Johnson County prosecutors pursued over 10,000 criminal charges.

But statistics mean very little when you’re the one sitting in the back of a squad car or a holding cell, or if you’re standing before a judge, wondering what to do or what will happen next. It is a time of worry and uncertainty about your future and your freedom. It is a time when you can’t afford to make any mistakes or try to defend yourself. It is the time to call an experienced and aggressive Johnson County criminal defense attorney.

Jerry Merrill: The Defense Attorney You Need

Johnson County criminal attorney Jerry Merrill understands how scary it can be if you face criminal charges. He knows you need answers and direction, as well as someone you can trust to tenaciously defend you and your rights from prosecutors determined to convict you.

Jerry also knows what’s at stake for you – damaged relationships with family, friends, and colleagues; a devastated reputation and career; a life hobbled by a criminal record that will follow you for years or decades to come; and, yes, the possibility of months or years behind bars.

That is why he believes that there is no such thing as a “minor” criminal offense. Every case and every client Jerry has the privilege to represent and protect receives his utmost attention and effort. He will take the time to listen to your story with respect and patience and without judgment so he can understand your situation as well as your concerns. Working closely with you, he will develop a defense strategy designed to obtain the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

A Former Prosecutor Who Knows What It Takes to Beat Criminal Charges

As a former prosecutor, Jerry Merrill has seen the consequences that follow a criminal conviction. He has seen what happens when people try to defend themselves in an unfamiliar and unforgiving criminal justice system that can easily steamroll them. He has seen the damage that people can do their defense by making statements or admissions to police or prosecutors believing that if they just tell their side of the story, everything will be okay.

While many attorneys focus their criminal defense practices on plea cases to move clients through the system, Jerry focuses on protecting his clients at all costs and fighting to get them the best result, whether that be an acquittal or advantageous plea agreement. Prosecutors know that Jerry has a reputation for being unafraid to take a client’s case to trial, which makes him more effective at securing better outcomes for his clients.

Winning Defenses Against All Misdemeanor And Felony Crimes

Jerry Merrill can help you understand every aspect of the criminal charges you face and all the possible outcomes given your circumstances. As an experienced criminal trial lawyer, he represents adults and juveniles facing misdemeanor and felony charges across the Kansas City metro area.

Jerry is ready to aggressively defend you no matter what charges you face, including:

Life-Changing Consequences of Criminal Conviction in Kansas 

A Johnson County criminal conviction can have life-changing consequences, even if you don’t spend any time behind bars. A criminal record, even one containing a relatively low-level misdemeanor conviction, can cost you employment, financial, housing, and other opportunities for years and decades to come.

You can lose a whole range of rights, from owning a firearm to spending time with your children. Your reputation among friends, family, and colleagues will be forever damaged. Of course, you can also wind up in jail or prison for months or years and face substantial financial penalties. If you have previous convictions on your record, the penalties you face can be even more severe.

Contacting a Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer is the Most Important Thing You Can Do

Reaching out to Jerry as soon as possible after your arrest or after you’ve been charged is the single most important thing you can do to keep a bad situation from getting worse. He can ensure that you do not make any harmful statements that could hurt your case and that police or prosecutors don’t overstep their bounds when questioning you.

He will begin defending you immediately, looking for critical mistakes that the police may have made in stopping, searching, or arresting you. Such errors can be the key to excluding the prosecution’s evidence, which in turn could result in the dismissal of the charges. The sooner you call Jerry to be your Johnson County criminal defense attorney, the better your chances of putting your ordeal behind you and moving forward with your life.

Call Jerry Merrill Today to Protect Your Future

If you are facing criminal charges in or around Johnson County or the surrounding areas, you need aggressive legal representation, and you need it now. Contact Johnson County criminal defense attorney Jerry Merrill online or call 913-381-2085 to schedule your free, confidential initial consultation to discuss your case. We help clients throughout Kansas, including Overland Park, Shawnee and Olathe







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