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Kansas Domestic Battery Convictions Carry Severe Penalties


Domestic violence describes a broad category of criminal offenses committed by individuals against their loved ones. Kansas has a distinct domestic battery statute that spells out specific forms of domestic violence. Domestic battery occurs when a family member intentionally hurts another or injures them by acting in a reckless manner. Additionally, rude or angry physical contact can constitute domestic battery, even if no injuries occur. In addition to jail time, fines and fees, a domestic battery conviction can require individuals to complete mandatory anger management and therapy classes at their own expense. It can even impact their ability to legally possess firearms. For these reasons, it is imperative that you turn to a Johnson County domestic battery attorney as soon as possible for legal counsel if you or someone you know is facing allegations.

Jerry Merrill is an experienced criminal defense attorney who works diligently to protect his clients’ rights. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the best approach for your case. 

Repeat Domestic Battery Charges Are Felonies

Kansas statutes define domestic battery as intentionally causing bodily harm to a family member or a member of the household, or as engaging in any rude, insulting or angry physical contact. Domestic battery incidents become felonies when a person has a history of prior offenses or when serious violence or injury is alleged to have taken place. A third conviction for a domestic violence crime within five years is also a felony charge.

What Is Criminal Restraint?

Someone may be charged with criminal restraint when he or she restricts or prevents the free movement of another person. Even something as simple as standing in front of a door and preventing someone from leaving can be considered criminal restraint.

While criminal restraint charges may seem flimsy, prosecutors often use them to strengthen weak cases. Furthermore, the courts tend to severely punish individuals found guilty of criminal restraint. As such, a skilled lawyer familiar with these types of cases is your best chance at obtaining a good outcome.

Attorney Jerry Merrill represents clients in and around Johnson County, Kansas, charged with criminal restraint and related domestic violence charges. Having worked as a former prosecutor, Jerry understands how to effectively defend clients against these serious crimes.

A Johnson County Domestic Battery Attorney Acting Quickly On Your Behalf to Preserve Your Freedom

A criminal restraint conviction carries the possibility of jail and can make it difficult to find employment or sign a lease. For those reasons, it is especially vital to contact Jerry Merrill with questions as soon as possible after an arrest. Having skilled representation from the beginning is often one of the keys to protecting your present and future interests.

Kansas Mandatory Arrest Laws Can Lead to False Arrests 

It is the law in Kansas that police officers called to the scene of a domestic disturbance must arrest anyone who is determined to have committed a crime, regardless of the wishes of the other party. In some cases, police may arrest both parties.

What starts out as an argument can quickly escalate into a nightmarish legal situation. Johnson County domestic battery attorney Jerry Merrill assists clients by investigating all of the circumstances of a domestic battery case. His independent investigation is critical in providing clients with an excellent legal defense.

Protect Your Rights And Reputation When Everything is at Stake

Very few crimes can destroy a reputation as quickly as a domestic violence charge. Oftentimes, people are found guilty by their community without ever getting a chance to tell their side of the story. In these cases, it is important to hire an attorney who believes in you. Jerry Merrill will stand in your corner and fight for your rights, using all legal means to defend your interests in a domestic battery case.

Begin Your Fight Today With an Experienced Johnson County Domestic Battery Attorney 

If you were accused of domestic battery or criminal restraint, you need an experienced attorney on your side who will fight for your rights. Domestic violence convictions can lead to criminal charges and other civil penalties. It is imperative that you act as quickly as possible after the alleged incident.

To discuss your unique circumstances with a skilled Johnson County domestic violence attorney, contact the firm online or call 913-381-2085. From his office in Overland Park, Jerry represents clients throughout the Kansas City metro area.

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