Methamphetamine Possession, Distribution & Sales in Johnson County

People who are charged with Methamphetamine (meth) drug offenses often face a unique set of circumstances.  Because meth is extremely addictive and the high generally last for a long time, it can severely impact a person’s ability to retain function at work or school.  While this should mean that there is a greater focus on helping and providing treatment for anyone impacted, in reality, it causes law enforcement and prosecutors to treat users harshly.


Penalties for Meth Possession and Distribution

Possession of Methamphetamine

Possession of meth is Level V felony offense, and penalties are highly dependent on criminal history.  They can range from 10 months to 42 months imprisonment.

If there is no criminal history, the charge starts with presumptive probation.  Often this means, that you will be ordered to obtain treatment and submit to random drug testing.  Jail time prior to the start of probation is common. This can create an issue since attending school or having a job is a requirement to be eligible for probation.  It is important to have an attorney that can work with prosecutors to ensure that the jail time doesn’t cause you to lose your job.

Distribution of Methamphetamine

The penalty severity for distribution of meth (or possession with intent to distribute) depends on the amount.  Although any amount of meth may support a distribution charge or possession with the intent to distribute, having over 3.5 grams of meth creates a presumption that you intended to sell it.  A distribution case with a very small amount of meth will subject a person to a Level IV felony offense. Sentencing guidelines range from 14 months imprisonment to 51 months imprisonment, depending on criminal history.  By contrast, if the amount of meth is greater than 100 grams, it will be defined as a Level I felony offense with penalties ranging from 138 months imprisonment to 204 months imprisonment.

Facing Meth Charges

Facing meth charges can be an overwhelming experience.  Emotionally speaking, it’s best to keep your head above water by connecting to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for professional assistance.  Often the best defense focuses on whether the search conducted by law enforcement was proper, and requires extensive knowledge of search and seizure laws. In addition, if you are suffering from a meth addiction, it is often important to be proactive and begin treatment prior to being ordered to by a judge.   A Johnson County meth attorney will be able to direct you to valuable resources which are authorized by the district court to engage in treatment.

Contact an Experienced Johnson County Meth Attorney for Further Guidance

If you’ve been charged with a meth-related drug crime (i.e., possession, possession with intent to distribute, or distribution), then it’s important that you contact a skilled Johnson County meth attorney for assistance with your defense. I’m Jerry Merrill, a criminal defense attorney in Johnson County.  I have extensive experience on all sides, having worked as a prosecutor, pro tempore judge, and as a defense attorney. Through this, I have unique insight into the case strategies that work, and those that don’t.

I understand that criminal litigation can be fraught with emotional difficulty, and as such, I strive to make myself available to clients at all times so that their questions and concerns can be handled in a timely manner.  I provide my personal phone number to clients so that I can respond to their calls and texts on the same day.

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