Cocaine Possession, Distribution & Sales in Johnson County

Hire an Experienced Johnson County Drug Crime Law Firm After Your Arrest for Cocaine

Prosecutors often view someone with a cocaine charge more negatively than any other drug.  Since cocaine is harder to obtain in Kansas, they view possession and distribution as being more significant, and will often take a harsher stance. A Johnson County drug crime law firm will evaluate your charges and present your best defense. 


Penalties for Cocaine Possession and Distribution in Kansas

Possession of Cocaine

Cocaine possession is a Level V felony offense in Kansas, and penalties range between 10 to 42 months imprisonment, depending upon criminal history.  Sentencing will trend towards higher severity in situations where the defendant has an extensive criminal record.

Distribution of Cocaine

Distribution of cocaine (or possession with intent to distribute) is also a felony offense, though it has a higher severity level than simple possession.  Distribution qualifies as a Level IV to Level I felony offense, depending on the amount in your possession. Penalties can range from 14 months to 204 months imprisonment, depending upon criminal history.  In addition, anyone convicted is required to register on a drug offender list for a minimum of 15 years. So the consequences of a conviction can literally impact your entire life.

Charged with Cocaine Possession or Distribution in Johnson County? You Need an Experienced Defense Law Firm

According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Kansas has one of the lowest rates of cocaine use in the nation. While estimates put the highest statewide rates of cocaine use at around 10 percent (among young adults ages 18 to 25), the rate in Kansas is just 3.59 percent.

Even so, prosecuting cocaine possession and cocaine distribution remains a top priority for Kansas’s District Attorneys. As discussed above, if you are facing a possession or distribution charge in Johnson County, you are facing felony penalties. This is true regardless of how much (or how little) cocaine you had in your possession. A cocaine conviction can impact your life in other ways as well; and, once you get out of jail, you will find that your conviction follows you just about everywhere you go.

How Can a Defense Lawyer Help with Your Cocaine Possession or Distribution Case in Johnson County?

How can a criminal defense lawyer help you? If you have been charged with cocaine possession or cocaine distribution in Johnson County, why should you hire a lawyer to handle your case?

  • Understanding What is at Risk – Your defense attorney can explain the penalties you are facing for each charge against you and the various other ways that a conviction will change your life.
  • Determining What Defenses You Can Assert – Your defense attorney can examine the facts of your case to identify all of the defenses you have available.
  • Helping You Seek Treatment – If you need help for substance abuse or drug dependence, your drug crime lawyer will be able to refer you to resources for treatment.
  • Helping You Seek a Favorable PreTrial Resolution – Seeking treatment can improve your chances of negotiating a favorable pre-trial resolution, and your attorney will be able to utilize various other strategies to try to resolve your case without going to court as well.
  • Fighting for Your Freedom at Trial – Regardless of the facts of your case, your attorney can take your case to court (if necessary) and fight to protect your freedom and your future at trial.

Fighting Cocaine Charges

Cocaine charges are handled in district court, before one of six different criminal judges in Johnson County.  The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office has a unit dedicated to the prosecution of drug crimes.

When fighting charges for cocaine possession or distribution, it’s critical that you work with a defense attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience to help you challenge these charges.  Evidence obtained through a search must be evaluated to determine the lawfulness of police conduct and whether that evidence should be admitted in your case.

Schedule a Consultation With an Experienced Johnson County Drug Crime Law Firm

If you’ve been charged with cocaine possession or distribution, then it’s important that you speak to a Johnson County cocaine attorney to understand the next steps necessary for defending against the charges.  Given the fundamentally high-stakes nature of cocaine drug penalties, the quality of your representation can significantly impact the outcome of your case and life.

I’m Jerry Merrill, a criminal defense attorney in Johnson County.  Having served as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I am well-equipped to advocate on your behalf.  I understand how to effectively navigate search and seizure laws that can help my clients achieve a positive overall result in their case.

I understand the frustration and anxiety that comes with a serious felony offense.  When facing cocaine charges, it’s important to work with an attorney who is committed to your success, and who understands what you are going through.  So I provide my personal number to clients and respond to calls and text messages the same day. I also have weekend and evening hours, if needed.

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