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When Innocent People Get Accused

In most cases, domestic violence charges arise because a heated and emotional argument got out of control. Furthermore, false allegations of domestic violence are unfortunately not uncommon. Incidents often occur during divorce, where accusations may be used to gain leverage in a property or child custody dispute.

The trauma of arrest — perhaps in front of friends, family or children — may be just the beginning of a difficult ordeal. You should be aware that once an arrest is made, charges are brought by the state with or without the cooperation of the alleged victim. Moreover, if police are called during a domestic argument, an arrest is required if the police believe that either or both parties have committed an act of violence.

Domestic violence accusations can destroy your reputation, and a conviction is bound to derail your ability to get a job or to find housing. If you are involved in a domestic violence case, criminal defense lawyer Jerry Merrill can help.

Understanding The Consequences You Face

Kansas statutes define domestic violence, which typically involves charges of assault or battery, as any crime committed against a family or household member or someone with whom the defendant shares a romantic relationship. You could also be charged with criminal damage to property or even criminal restraint should a domestic fight get out of hand.

Domestic violence charges can carry lasting penalties, including:

  • A criminal record that makes it hard to get a job or housing
  • The inability to possess a firearm
  • Jail time

Repeat domestic battery convictions could lead to felony domestic violence charges, which carry mandatory minimum jail sentences. Regardless of severity, all of these charges can significantly impact your future.

Building A Vigorous Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Mr. Merrill has tried a large number of family violence cases. He understands the situation you face, and he knows how to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome. His experience and reputation as an aggressive trial lawyer are effective tools for negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

If you retain Jerry, he will conduct a thorough investigation to call into question the veracity of the witnesses accusing you of domestic violence. Because such charges arise out of heated and emotional situations, self-defense is often a common issue. Jerry Merrill will thoroughly evaluate your case and look for every possible defense.

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