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Johnson County Sex Offense Lawyer

Sex offenses carry significant social stigma long before a person is even convicted of a crime. Jerry Merrill in Overland Park, Kansas, helps clients throughout Johnson County challenge sex crimes allegations. If you are facing sex-related charges, you need an experienced attorney like Jerry Merrill fighting for you. His experience includes defending those charged with:

  • Rape — Including statutory rape where consent was present
  • Lewd and lascivious behavior — Including having a sex organ open to public view
  • Child pornography — Including sexting among teenagers of the same age
  • Aggravated indecent liberties — Including sexual contact with an underage individual, even if intercourse does not occur

Aggressive Defense For Adults And Adolescents Charged With Sex Crimes

The sexual offense statutes in Kansas carry significant penalties, so an attorney is a vital asset. In fact, new and emerging forms of courtship and dating among adolescents with access to smartphones have led to teenage convictions under state child pornography laws. In these cases, a lawyer who can negotiate with the prosecution and present appropriate alternatives to existing charges can make all the difference.

Jerry Merrill's previous prosecution experience and in-depth knowledge of prosecutorial latitude are central to his efforts defending adults and adolescents alike. He argues that youthful indiscretions between teenagers, as well as unverified private actions between adults, should not lead to required registration as a lifelong sex offender.

Collateral Consequences Of Sex Offense Conviction

Serious crimes like sex offenses carry a whole host of negative consequences in addition to imprisonment and fines. Specifically, those convicted of sex crimes charges may be required to register as a sex offender. The length of the sex offender registration varies based on the crime and criminal history, but can include lifelong registration. Additionally, the publication of sex offender registries throughout the state makes it difficult for those on the list to find housing, employment and the chance at a fresh start.

Because so much is at stake, having an attorney on your side who believes in you and will fight for you is vital. Jerry Merrill invests in his clients and aggressively litigates to ensure that clients receive the most favorable outcome possible under the specific circumstances.

The Attorney You Choose Matters. Get The Experienced Help You Need.

Jerry Merrill is committed to upholding the rights of adults and adolescents facing sex offense charges. Contact Jerry at 913-815-0705 or online to schedule a consultation.

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