September 30, 2020 | Sex Crimes Defense |

Dealing With Sexual Assault Accusations

In the wake of all the sexual assault and abuse allegations that have been made recently, many of the accused individuals have been fired from their jobs or have become the subjects of legal investigations. The victims of abuse have rallied public support behind them, launching the social media movement #MeToo, and encouraging others to come forward with their own stories. The public seems to be waiting for the next story to break, wondering who else may be hiding ugly secrets.

For the most part, the accused men and women have issued apologies to the brave people who have spoken out against them, acknowledging their reprehensible behavior, and retreated from the public eye. However, some of those named as abusers are pushing back, claiming that the accusations against them are false, and despite the tone of public opinion, the truth of these matters will have to wait for the results of an investigation.

The unfortunate reality of the world is that people lie, and not all stories that appear in print and on the news are true. A victim of a false accusation faces an uphill battle to prove his innocence, and even more so if he’s been accused of sexual assault or misconduct in today’s climate. Because sexual abuse is such a hot-button issue right now, these accusations carry serious weight, and all it takes is a hint that something inappropriate happened for an accused person to become a social pariah, whether he is guilty or not. If you are facing such accusations, let our Johnson County sex crimes lawyer help.

Surviving a False Accusation of Sexual Assault

If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, battery, abuse, or other inappropriate behavior, your first step should be to contact a skilled Johnson County sex crimes attorney, and you should make that call immediately. An allegation against you can lead to an instant assumption of guilt by the general public, and in addition to defending your innocence, you will most likely be mounting a defense to protect your public image, your friendships, your personal life, and even your professional career. Do not let this ruin you — contact a Johnson County sex crimes attorney today.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood and media have lost their jobs based on accusations leveled against them–Matt Lauer was fired from NBC’s Today Show, and the lead character in Netflix drama House of Cards was written out of the show in the company’s attempt to distance themselves from Kevin Spacey. If you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, you may be fired or suspended without pay while your investigation is pending, and in some lines of work like education or childcare, you may be unable to find another job for years, if ever, with an accusation on your record.

Talk to a Johnson County Sex Crimes Lawyer Immediately for Assistance

If you are facing a false accusation of sexual abuse, an experienced Johnson County sex crimes lawyer can help you through this tough time. Contact us today. Proving your innocence will require a lot of work, but it will be well worth it to protect your personal and professional life.

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