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Do You Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Kansas?

When you get arrested for a crime, a lot of questions run through your head: What are your chances of being found guilty in court? What penalties could you be facing? What can you do to avoid a conviction? Should you hire a Johnson County criminal defense attorney to represent you?

While most of these questions are complicated, the last one is not: If you are facing a criminal charge in Kansas, you should absolutely hire an attorney to represent you. Regardless of your charge (or charges), you are facing fines and jail time, and a conviction could stick with you for the rest of your life.

5 Ways a Defense Attorney Can Help with Your Criminal Case

Here are five examples of the numerous ways that an experienced defense attorney can help you if you have been charged with a crime in Johnson County, Kansas:

1. Representing You in Court

When you are charged with a crime in Kansas, you will potentially have to appear in court multiple times before your case goes to trial. During these court proceedings, you need to represent yourself effectively, and you need to make sure you avoid mistakes (including missing a court date) that could make it more difficult to secure the outcome you deserve.

2. Examining the Facts of Your Case

In order to determine what defenses you can assert in your criminal case, it will be necessary to thoroughly examine all of the facts and circumstances leading up to your arrest. An experienced defense attorney will know which facts are relevant (and which ones are not), and will be able to build a cohesive defense strategy that is designed to secure a favorable result based on the specific circumstances at hand.

3. Fighting for a Favorable Pre-Trial Result

While it may be necessary to take your case to trial, it may also be possible to secure a favorable result before your trial date arrives. From negotiating a plea bargain to filing a motion to dismiss, there are several steps that an experienced criminal defense attorney can take in order to try to avoid the risk of a “guilty” verdict at trial.

4. Determining if Police or Prosecutors have Violated Your Constitutional Rights

In addition to examining the facts and circumstances leading up to your arrest, your criminal defense attorney will want to review the facts and circumstances arising out of your arrest as well. If the police violated your rights by conducting an unconstitutional search or seizure, or if the prosecutor’s office has withheld exculpatory evidence, you may be entitled to a dismissal regardless of whether or not you committed a crime.

5. Fighting for Your Freedom at Trial

Finally, if your case goes to trial, you are going to need an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for your freedom in court. With your future on the line, and with prosecutors working hard to convict you, you cannot afford to take any unnecessary chances.  

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